Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The thing with time travel....

So, if you read this article HERE.....it says:

"The main headache stems from the idea that if you went back in time you could, theoretically, do something to change the present; and that possibility messes up the whole theory of time travel.

Clearly, the present never is changed by mischievous time-travellers: people don't suddenly fade into the ether because a rerun of events has prevented their births - that much is obvious. So either time travel is not possible, or something is actually acting to prevent any backward movement from changing the present.

For most of us, the former option might seem most likely, but Einstein's general theory of relativity leads some physicists to suspect the latter.

According to Einstein, space-time can curve back on itself, theoretically allowing travellers to double back and meet younger versions of themselves.

And now a team of physicists from the US and Austria says this situation can only be the case if there are physical constraints acting to protect the present from changes in the past."

But here's the thing: 1.) people do go missing all the time, who's to say someone didn't go back in time and prevent their birth??? and 2.) Would we really even be aware that the future was altered, since we would just be living in the altered future (and wouldn't have a concept of the "original" future?) Just throwing that out there.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Swedish Furniture Name Generator

One more little gem for you:

Swedish Furniture Name Generator

I bet yesterday you thought you didn't need a Swedish furniture name. Now you know better.

Lucid Dream Machine!!!!

If you build this...then you could time travel in your dreams!!!! Let me know how this works when you're done with it Dave....You could open an Etsy shop and sell them.

Lucid Dream Machine

Thursday, June 19, 2008

this is a great site if you are looking to revamp your style (or revert to your old style- kendra)
very hip. very trendy.
finding credit goes to sterling.

Time Travel

This is a good article on time travel:

On a kinda-side note....I think it's interesting that when I was a kid (say...25 years ago or so), black holes seemed to be a far-out theory. Now it's commonly accepted that they exist.

On a totally different side note....this is a fun site to waste a few minutes on:
just type in any word, and it will give you back a slogan. Here are some of my favorite "Thinkercize" slogans:
Thinkercize, your family will love you.
Thinkercize inside you.
Thinkercize is the only way to be happy.

Oh, one more good one:
You don't want Thinkercize as your enemy!

Einstein on Time Travel

I think this is a pretty good starting off point for a practical understanding of time travel.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Which "thinkercize crew" are you?

I'm totally the one in the purple....summer, you're in the yellow. Dave, blue shorts is all you. Kaity....i think you're blue shorts too, sorry!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yeondoo Jung

So this just makes you happy...this artist takes children's artwork, and interprets them as photographs. Check out her website. P.S....saw this on design mom.

Yeondoo Jung

3 Great Websites

Ok so these are 3 pretty rad sites that everyone should check out...
1) http://wikisky.org/ - For anyone who thinks Carl Sagan is their homeboy. This is like google maps but for the whole universe... and for scientists. They have some cool features if you play around with it. And unlike Google maps, no download required.
2) http://www.nymbler.com/ - A really interesting idea, I think that Kaity will like this one... you put in a few names that you like, and the site kicks out a bunch of other baby names that you should like.
3) http://www.gasbuddy.com/ - Find the cheap gas.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lost: A Theory on Time Travel

This was found by Kaity....


Thanks Kaity for starting the time travel discussion. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oldie but Goodie....

I know everyone has seen this like 543 times...but i'm just starting off the funny on here with a classic. Mostly to commemorate Dustin's love affair with the Hoff.

Friday, June 13, 2008

You are welcome here.

This blog's purpose is two fold:
1.) a place to house funny things found on the internet.
2.) discussion around a weekly or bi-monthly or whenever I feel like changing it topic.

First topic:
Time travel. Go.