Monday, June 16, 2008

3 Great Websites

Ok so these are 3 pretty rad sites that everyone should check out...
1) - For anyone who thinks Carl Sagan is their homeboy. This is like google maps but for the whole universe... and for scientists. They have some cool features if you play around with it. And unlike Google maps, no download required.
2) - A really interesting idea, I think that Kaity will like this one... you put in a few names that you like, and the site kicks out a bunch of other baby names that you should like.
3) - Find the cheap gas.


Seriously... said...

Dave....i will check out the websites tonight after the kids go to bed (and after i rotate laundry, and after I do dishes, but before i do my reading and tv watching....and probably before I pay bills.....and RIGHT before i get to my photo editing. It will be the kick-off to Kendra Relaxation Time. I've been looking forward to it all day. I have to pee.....see ya

Kaity said...

you were right man. that name thing was hours of fun (or would have been if i had spent hours doing it). this will come in handy.