Friday, June 13, 2008

You are welcome here.

This blog's purpose is two fold:
1.) a place to house funny things found on the internet.
2.) discussion around a weekly or bi-monthly or whenever I feel like changing it topic.

First topic:
Time travel. Go.


Michiko said...

Can we talk about deja vu next? It's kinda like time travel, which kinda makes ME a time traveller!

I got sloganized, here were my faves:
I can't believe it's Michiko.
What is Michiko?
Michiko, it's a kind of magic!
There's a bit of Michiko in all of us.
(Which I guess means that we all have a bit of magic.)
Michiko, whiter than the whitest!

Michiko said...

Ok, I just did West Orthodontics, and I kid you not, the very first one that popped up was:
West Orthodontics, your specialist.

The Sloganizer is so smart!

These two were my favorite though"
West Orthodonticstastic!
West Orthodonticsrific!